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Why Join SoC?

Speakers of Croydon has been around since 2003 and has been instrumental in developing countless speaking champions.  SoC has achieved the Distinguished President Award eight years running.

Will you enjoy it?

Yes, most definitely. Whilst you are learning and gaining confidence to speak you will also be having fun. Speakers of Croydon encourages its members with lots of applause and constructive feedback.

You Are Never Alone

SoC is part of Toastmasters International, a world leader in communication and leadership development with membership of about 332,000 worldwide.  Wherever you travel there may well be a TM club, where you are sure to be welcomed with open arms.

Where, When, How?

We meet at 7.30 pm on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of every month at the CVA Resource Centre, 82 London Road, Croydon.  A mere 3 minute walk from West Croydon train station or 10 minutes from East Croydon.  We look forward to welcoming you

Membership Benefits

At Speakers of Croydon, we learn about the ‘rule of three’, so in true Toastmasters fashion here are three benefits (out of several) that you’ll enjoy.

Cheaper than coffee!

For just £11.00 per month, you could be on your way to becoming a public speaking Grandmaster. With two and sometimes three meetings per month, this is excellent Return on Investment.

Toastmasters International

Part of the worldwide Toastmasters family, giving you access to a wealth of resources to perfect your speaking skills. You get to take part in Area, District and International Public Speaking Contests.


Meet and interact with members from various disciplines in a warm and friendly environment all working towards the same goal, becoming better public speakers. Network with members who have established Coaching and Leadership businesses.


Here’s what some of our members and guests had to say

Joined SoC in Feb 2014. Meetings are always exciting and encouraging, especially if you desire to be an effective communicator. I’m always on the look out for new, inspiring insights so that I can become the best possible me.

Really friendly, welcoming and supportive. In just a few months I’ve developed a lot more confidence in public speaking and always look forward to the meetings

Was so inspired by the speakers on my visit that I decided to join straight away

What a fabulous, energizing and supportive group! Thoroughly enjoyed my first visit. It certainly won’t be my last. Very well organised and a lovely bunch of people. So glad I came across this group and that I made the effort to attend.

How to Introduce a Speaker with Style…

Why is a good speech introduction important? As an audience we ask silent questions each time someone comes onscreen or onstage to speak.  Why should I pay attention? Is this going to be important to me? Why should I care? Here are two introductions for an...

Speakers of Croydon – My personal experience

By Trudy Kuhn Established in 1924, Toastmasters International has more than 300,000 members in 149 countries. And more than 15,800 clubs.  Impressed? Sounds great but if you’re anything like me you aren’t bothered about facts and figures. As you’ve landed on our...

Speech next week? What’s your topic?

Have you ever been asked to give a speech and not known where to start? Many of us have been there and it is a very nerve-wracking experience especially if the occasion in question means a lot to you. At Speakers of Croydon we learn how to choose entertaining and...

Speechcraft Public Speaking Workshop January 2022 – Session 1

Let’s face it, the fear of public speaking is right up there at the top of the phobia league. January is traditionally a time for setting new goals. Often people choose to face something that they have previously found impossible.  Unsurprisingly the...

Speechcraft 2022 begins on 4 January

January is an exciting time for Speakers of Croydon as it will be hosting it's annual Speechcraft event! Speechcraft is a programme that comprises four weekly sessions, every Tuesday, starting from 4 January 2022 to 25 January 2022. The original plan was to have three...

Do you dread speaking in front of others?

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Conquer that fear, painlessly and enjoyably, by attending this Speechcraft Program. This program comprises 4 weekly sessions starting from 4 January 2022 to 25 January 2022. Three of the sessions will be in-person and one will be on Zoom. Hosted by...

Feedback From A Former SoC guest

Speakers of Croydon Blog  "I went to Speakers of Croydon many years ago as a guest and was asked to give a 'Table Speech' which came as a complete shock I hadn't anticipated talking to strangers. I had never spoken to anybody before and several members gave amazing...

New Speakers of Croydon Committee 2021 – 2022

In July 2021 a new Speakers of Croydon Committee was elected. The club had a year of being fully online for the first time ever due to the pandemic and was was once again successfully awarded President's Distinguished Club status. The newly elected president, Lydia...

Croydon Public Speaking Workshop – SpeechCraft 2020

It's reported one of the greatest fears humans have is Glossophobia, Public Speaking to the layperson. It seems incomprehensible that while we can talk to our family, friends and peers in small groups, 75% of us experience palpitations when we have the attention of a...
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CVA Resource Centre

We meet on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesday of every month. Members and guests arrive at 7:15 pm for a 7:30 pm start. Meetings last about two hours with a networking break mid-way through.

CVA Resource Centre
82 London Road



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