Club Secretary 2023-2024

13 m

Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s newly elected Club Secretary – Sandra Olaniyan!!

Sandra attended the club’s Speechcraft event at the beginning of the year and was so impressed by the extent to which she was drawn out of her comfort zone that she signed up straight after the event in February 2023!

Sandra appreciated the club’s welcoming and inclusive culture and felt emboldened to step forward for the role despite her newness to the club. Sandra has said she’s honoured to have the opportunity to serve the club in her role as Club Secretary and is looking forward to growing alongside her fellow Toastmasters.

In her role as Club Secretary Sandra will be responsible for the upkeep of all club records, correspondence and members’ details. Sandra will be pivotal in ensuring the club and its members have clear audit trails of all important events and meetings and will help keep everyone to task.

We can’t wait for Sanda to officially start her position at the beginning of July to help lead the club over the next year whilst continuing her own Toastmasters journey. Welcome Sandra!!

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Julian Munroe, Vice President Public Relations