Feedback From A Former SoC guest

Testimony from a Speakers of Croydon Guest

“I went to Speakers of Croydon many years ago as a guest and was asked to give a ‘Table Speech’ which came as a complete shock I hadn’t anticipated talking to strangers.

I had never spoken to anybody before and several members gave amazing speeches nevertheless although I was entirely untrained my speech on ‘What Makes You Happy’ the subject they chose for me was voted as best speech. I was amazed because they’d laughed all the way through it as I told them my true life less than happy story full of anecdotes from my observations on the nonsense I’ve observed about peoples strange ways.

Unfortunately I was at the time unable to return but it was great fun. However it spurred me on and gave me the bug for public speaking encouraging me to appear on TV many times, speak on stage before 1000 people at Las Vegas, run a podcast, most recently performed at Matthews Yard the former Maplin, and as a hypnotist have a lot of clients come to me for help with confidence.

I highly recommend public speaking and Speakers of Croydon is a great place to start. If you have never done it before I guarantee it will expand your horizons.

So push yourself out of your comfort zone give Diana’s offer a try and you will find it gives you an exponential increase in your confidence. Improved confidence can have a direct impact on improving health and wealth because improved confidence reduces the stress associated with reduced performance.

Top tips for public speaking confidence.

1. Smile at the audience they love you and want your success.

2. Take your time slow down pace yourself it’s not a race.

3. Remember to breathe through your nose and take pauses like I said it’s not a race.

4. Make eye contact with someone new in the audience for each new point so everybody thinks you are talking only to them.”

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