Speechcraft 2024!!

January is an exciting time for Speakers of Croydon as it will be hosting it’s annual Speechcraft event! Speechcraft is a hugely popular accelerated training programme that comprises four weekly sessions, every Tuesday, starting from 9 January 2024 to 30 January 2024. This program comprises 4 weekly sessions starting from 9 January 2024 to 30 […]

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IPP 2023-2024

Continuing our introduction to our current committee members please meet our Immediate Past President – Adrian Moore!! Adrian was introduced to Toastmasters in 2010 by one of the delegates on an IT course he was delivering and hasn’t looked back since! “At some point, the conversation turned to breathing and using your abdominal muscles to project

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VPE 2023-2024

Continuing our introductions to the Speakers of Croydon’s committee for the 2023-2024 term – please meet the club’s Vice President of Education (“VPE”) Lola Idris. Lola first attended some Toastmasters meetings as a guest at different clubs in 2017 and 2019 but it wasn’t until June 2022 when she visited the Speakers of Croydon as

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VPM 2023/2024

Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s new Vice President of Membership (VPM) Robyn Wellington! Robyn decided to join Speakers of Croydon to develop her confidence in group settings. Despite feeling comfortable in 1:1 situations Robyn found that as the size of the group she had to speak in grew, her confidence to express herself became smaller

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VPPR 2023-2024

Continuing our introduction to our elected committee members, please welcome our Vice President of Public Relations (VPPR) Julian Munroe. Julian attended his first meeting as a guest in August 2022 and has been hooked ever since – joining as an official member in September 2022. Julian was looking for opportunities to improve his public speaking

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Club Secretary 2023-2024

13 m Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s newly elected Club Secretary – Sandra Olaniyan!! Sandra attended the club’s Speechcraft event at the beginning of the year and was so impressed by the extent to which she was drawn out of her comfort zone that she signed up straight after the event in February 2023! Sandra

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Club treasurer 2023/2024

Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s newly elected Treasurer Anne Muthee!! Anne is another relatively new member to the club, having joined after attending the club’s speech contests in January this year as a guest. Being a chartered accountant Anne will be utilising her key skills and experience to effectively manage the club’s financial health and

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Sergeant at Arms 2023/2024

Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s newly elected Sergeant At Arms (“SAA”) – Dorothy Akoh-Arrey. Dorothy is one of the newest members of the club having joined after the club’s Speechcraft event in February 2023, however at Toastmasters and the Speakers of Croydon particularly it’s never too soon to take on leadership roles and opportunities. Dorothy

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Join Us For A Toastmasters Open House – 22 May 2023

Book your space now to come and experience a fun and inspiring Toastmasters meeting hosted by the four clubs in the Croydon area: Croydon Communicators, Liberty Speakers, Purley Speakers, and The Speakers of Croydon. Register here: tinyurl.com/TMOpenHouse2023 At the event you will be able to see what a Toastmasters meeting looks like, practice your speaking

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