Speechcraft 2022 begins on 4 January

January is an exciting time for Speakers of Croydon as it will be hosting it’s annual Speechcraft event!

Speechcraft is a programme that comprises four weekly sessions, every Tuesday, starting from 4 January 2022 to 25 January 2022.

The original plan was to have three in-person sessions and one online, but in December the decision was made by the committee to hold all four sessions online due to the uncertainty around the spread of COVID. The committee’s main priority is safety of its members and programme particpants (known as Speechcrafters).

The programme is open only to non-Toastmasters and helps them to  develop presentation and public speaking skills; learning and practicing in a friendly, safe environment. Speechcrafters will gain experience in:

  • How to select a speech topic
  • How to make impromptu speeches
  • How to organise your speech
  • How to “Get To The Point”
  • How to use body language to increase the effectiveness of your speech
  • How to benefit from speech evaluation

Experienced Toastmasters will guide Speechcrafters through the mastery of the fundamentals of public speaking in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of over the four weekly sessions.

The sessions will enable Speechcrafters to gain accreditation towards the Toastmasters Education Programme should they choose to become a Toastmaster at the end of the programme.

Speechcraft 2022 is now fully booked and we are so excited to get started on 4 January 2022!

Find out about previous Speechcraft programmes here.

Look out for updates on the progress of Speechcraft 2022.

SoC Committee – 2021-22