Speechcraft 2024!!

January is an exciting time for Speakers of Croydon as it will be hosting it’s annual Speechcraft event!

Speechcraft is a hugely popular accelerated training programme that comprises four weekly sessions, every Tuesday, starting from 9 January 2024 to 30 January 2024.

This program comprises 4 weekly sessions starting from 9 January 2024 to 30 January 2024. Three of the sessions will be in-person and one will be delivered virtually via Zoom. To allow more time to support attendees, we keep the workshops small (10 people maximum).

Speechcraft is a unique opportunity to accelerate your learning in a supportive environment hosted by an award-winning Public Speaking and Leadership training organisation.

The programme is open only to non-Toastmasters and helps them to  develop presentation and public speaking skills; learning and practicing in a friendly, safe environment. Speechcrafters will gain experience in:

  • How to select a speech topic
  • How to make impromptu speeches
  • How to organise your speech
  • How to “Get To The Point”
  • How to use body language to increase the effectiveness of your speech
  • How to benefit from speech evaluation

Experienced Toastmasters will guide Speechcrafters through the mastery of the fundamentals of public speaking in a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere of over the four weekly sessions.

The sessions will enable Speechcrafters to gain accreditation towards the Toastmasters Education Programme should they choose to become a Toastmaster at the end of the programme.

Tickets for Speechcraft are now available for purchase on Eventbrite – take advantage of our early bird offer of £50 per ticket (plus admin fee), valid until the end of 3 December 2023. Tickets are £60 (plus admin fee) thereafter. Click here to secure your tickets today whilst they are still available.

Look out for updates on the progress of Speechcraft 2024.

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Julian Munroe, Vice President Public Relations