Successful Speechcraft Public Speaking Workshop 2023

What is Speechcraft?

Speechcraft is a community-based programme which allows experienced Toastmasters to present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-members. It helps participants to develop presentation and public speaking skills and is run over four weekly sessions. Completion of these sessions can give participants accreditation to the Toastmasters Education Programme.

Speechcraft 2023 Participants and Coordinators on Graduation Day

In January 2023 The Speakers of Croydon (SoC) club ran another successful and sold out Speechcraft programme.

The event was organized by a committed team of club members in conjunction with the committee, working to a common goal of delivering a valuable programme that showcased the benefits of Toastmasters and their club. Current Club Treasurer and one of the Speechcraft co-ordinators Paolo Rizzo wrote:

One of the things that sticks with me is the transformation of the participants. In just 4 sessions, we had people that had never done public speaking in their whole lives stand up and deliver speeches to a room full of people and command the stage. One person was so nervous after the first session, she seriously considered not coming back but she did and the growth of her confidence was amazing to see. We also had a person who was terrified of interviews get up and get better and better at the difficult impromptu questions on table topics…seeing the growth of the participants was what a lot of us found really fulfilling.”

Speechcraft helps participants to develop their presentation and public speaking skills by learning and practicing in a friendly, safe environment. Experienced Toastmasters guide their mastery of the fundamentals of Public Speaking in the relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere.

Speechcraft 2023 Participants and SoC Club Members

Club President Adrian Moore said of the Speechcraft event:

“…my abiding memory is of one nervous participant who was visibly shaking before going on stage on the first day, but on the last day as a result of Speechcraft, she was standing up proudly. Our members also improve. One of them palpably got better after delivering Speechcraft then went on to be a Contest Chair, so another thing about Speechcraft is the development opportunities…it was good for the community, the participants, the club and for individuals who delivered too”. 

All eight of our Speechcraft participants this year have become members of this celebrated club, and will continue their journey to become better speakers and leaders.

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Look out for details of our next Speechcraft event in early 2024. Although we only host Speechcraft once a year we are pleased to accept new members all year round.