The Speakers of Croydon committee 2024/2025

Introducing the newly elected Speakers of Croydon Committee for 2024/2025!

8th May 2024 saw the annual committee elections at the Speakers of Croydon club with the above people successfully elected to lead the committee from July 2024.

The new committee will endeavour to encourage the growth and personal development of the club’s members and club as a whole. The newly elected committee from 1 July 2024 – 30 June 2025 consists of (from top left to right):

➡️ President – Julian Munroe
➡️ Vice President Education – Smita Narayan
➡️ Vice President Membership – Patricia Goka
➡️ Vice President Public Relations – Ruban Segaran
➡️ Secretary – Guler Cortis
➡️ Treasurer – James Fox
➡️ Sergeant At Arms – Chris Bovell

➡️ Immediate Past President – Emmanuel Karamagi

Many congratulations to our incoming officers!

We look forward to another successful year at The Speakers of Croydon under your leadership.

Stay tuned for further details of the new committee members!


Ruban Segaran, Vice President Public Relations