Vice President of Membership (VPM) 2024-2025

Growing up as a quiet child, I’ve always felt nervous speaking in personal and work settings and the older I became the more frustrated I felt.

I was at a networking event and sat next to one of Toastmasters divisional directors and she mentioned a 4-week ‘Speechcraft’ course starting in a couple of weeks at a Toastmasters club close to my home.
I knew the universe was speaking to me and, although super nervous, I attended the course in Jan 2023 and I’ve never looked back.

The driving force behind me finding my voice is me signing up for a roles at meetings and delivering speeches in a very supportive community. I now feel free to express my opinions and take centre stage with no fears.

In everyday life I’m more confident and it feels amazing!!!
I’ve developed so much that I helped to coordinate Jan 2024 Speechcraft course and I’ve entered 2 Toastmaster contests.….Yes I’m hooked.

I am proud to serve my club because I know how much being a member of Speakers of Croydon Club has benefitted my personal and professional growth and I will do all that I can support new and existing members.

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Ruban Segaran, Vice President Public Relations