VPM 2023/2024

Introducing the Speakers of Croydon’s new Vice President of Membership (VPM) Robyn Wellington!

Robyn decided to join Speakers of Croydon to develop her confidence in group settings. Despite feeling comfortable in 1:1 situations Robyn found that as the size of the group she had to speak in grew, her confidence to express herself became smaller and she disappeared into the background.

Realising how much this was affecting her opportunities to grow and expand, Robyn enrolled in Speechcraft where she won her first ever speech presentation!

Although nervous, Robyn enjoyed the feeling and shortly after became a fully-fledged member of Speakers of Croydon.

Since joining, Robyn has taken up various roles involving her confidently leading group discussions, speaking in front of increasing group sizes which has helped her gain more confidence in herself. This determination to push herself and improve enabled Robyn to step forward in the Club’s elections in May and become the new Vice President of Membership for the 2023/2024 term!

Robyn’s growth journey is just beginning and as VPM she will be responsible for supervising the membership application process for new joiners and overseeing their enrolment! Welcome Robyn!!

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Julian Munroe, Vice President Public Relations