Speechcraft Public Speaking Workshop January 2022 – Session 3

Speechcraft is like building a house. You put in foundations first. With a firm base you can start on the walls. 

Types of Walls - Understand Building Construction

This is where we’re at now. Last week our Speechcrafters made their maiden speeches. This week they will work to improve when they take the stage for a second time. Plus they have the opportunity to introduce each other – a skill not often practised.

The meeting started bang on time, crucial with a packed agenda. 

Our Club President welcomed our five guests and briefly explained how Speechcraft works.

And then we were off. Warm-ups are traditional at the start of a Toastmaster meeting.

The Speechcrafters were invited to tell us their greatest achievement so far this year. 

Someone had started their own business. Another person had succeeded in getting the Christmas decorations down and packed away. Oh well, it’s still only January….

Then six speakers. Six different topics. Variety in abundance at a Toastmasters meeting.

‘Knowing when to say goodbye’

‘The mindset of a warrior’

‘Let’s talk about you!’

‘Lost and found’

‘Why I am unvaccinated’

‘A love story’

I learned something from every single one. The speakers had all used feedback from last week to improve their speaking technique. That’s what it’s all about.

We will evaluate everyone again today to continue the evaluation evolution.

We managed to squeeze in a Table Topics session in the second half. Impromptu speaking is a valuable skill that we practise often at Toastmasters.

Remember when you were caught out by a curve ball interview question? Or the time the boss asked for your opinion and there was an embarrassing silence? That is exactly why we pose a question or subject and then pick an unsuspecting person to answer.

Seem scary? Not half as bad as being struck dumb in the real world. 

Our Table Topics Evaluator had a commend and a recommend for all brave participants. 

We struggled to finish on time. As architect of the agenda I wasn’t surprised. 

There were still a few moments left to present awards to best speakers. 

Recognition is important. Votes are taken. Achievements are celebrated.

Next week is our final Speechcraft session. We get to add the roof to the house.

Looking forward….

Trudy Kuhn VPE  21/01/22