Speakers of Croydon Meeting 18th June

Last nights meeting was a double-header, a meeting on theme that Knowledge is Power and End of term Awards. The meeting was led brilliantly by Francis King Martey in his warm engaging manner. We had 3 prepared speeches. Firstly, Eamonn asked us a question he asks his clients in his capacity as a financial adviser, ‘How much money Do you need for the rest of your life?’ Eamonn managed to fit in a musical intermission while he got us to fill out a financial survey, I’m guessing a first for Speakers of Croydon! Next Paul was assured in only his second speech as he told us about life lessons from Judo, the choice to fight instead of fleeing or freezing, a lesson all of us at Toastmasters can relate to.
The final speech was by Sandra who pivoted on her original idea to give us a speech about unlocking your writing potential to the idea itself of pivoting when you feel you need to make a change. Again, a novel idea for a well delivered speech.

We then had 3 great evaluations from Patricia, Lydia and Nicole which was won by Nicole despite stepping in as a last-minute sub.

Clementine was table topics master and did a great job asking questions on the theme for the night and Ruban won the vote for best table topics.
Finally, we had the end of term awards with Adrian, the immediate past president and Emmanuel the outgoing president handing out awards and certificates to recognise the efforts and support of club members, well done all!

The next meeting is online on 2nd July and we look forward to welcoming new guests who would like to improve or take their first public speaking steps in the supportive and encouraging environment that is Speakers of Croydon!
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